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Carmalete’s All Natural Original Seasoning


Experience the perfect balance of flavor with our all-natural Original Seasoning Blend! Our Cajun-style seasoning is crafted to enhance the authentic tastes of home-cooked meals, featuring simple yet flavorful ingredients like sea salt, red pepper, black pepper, onion, and roasted garlic. Free from MSG and unnecessary additives, our blend allows you to savor the essence of Louisiana-style cooking without any extra fillers. With Carmalete’s Original Blend, achieving culinary perfection is effortless – each dish is imbued with a harmonious blend of flavors that delights the palate.

During our demonstrations, most people can discern each individual ingredient in Carmalete’s Original seasoning, highlighted by a subtle pepper kick at the end. We emphasize that either the garlic or the pepper will captivate your taste buds, without overwhelming saltiness. This versatile seasoning serves as the cornerstone of Cajun cuisine, inviting you to customize and adjust the flavor profile of your dishes with additional spices.


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