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Organic Cinnamon Bark (Cassia) Powder


Unveiling the aromatic wonder of Cinnamomum sp., where cinnamon and cassia intertwine to captivate the senses with their warm, sweet, and woody aroma. While these two plants share striking similarities in appearance, flavor, and chemistry, the distinction between them is subtle yet significant. In some regions, labeling cassia as “cinnamon” is prohibited, but in the United States, no such demarcations exist, making cassia the prevalent form of cinnamon found in supermarkets.

For millennia, cinnamon has held a revered place in traditional medicine across Asia, India, and ancient Egypt. Its phytochemical compounds boast an impressive array of health benefits, including alleviating allergies, reducing pain, combating bacteria, relaxing muscles, and soothing digestive disturbances. This botanical gem is believed to bolster various bodily systems, from respiratory and digestive to nervous and circulatory, while its antioxidant properties offer further support for overall well-being.

Cassia cinnamon stands as a cornerstone of culinary exploration, enhancing both sweet and savory dishes with its delightful flavor profile. Whether gracing baked goods with its aromatic touch or infusing teas and cosmetics with its essence, cinnamon transcends culinary boundaries to enrich a multitude of sensory experiences.

Originating from the lush landscapes of India, cinnamon and cassia beckon with their rich history and versatile applications, inviting you to embark on a journey of culinary and wellness exploration.

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